Crystal Discovery Journal

Experience and document YOUR personal experience and learnings with crystals

Have you ever felt like you wanted to really get to know your crystals on a more individual level? Have you ever felt like you just weren't getting the same energy out of a crystal as you expected?

In this Journal you will get:

  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Your own perspective on how your crystals work with YOU!
  • An intuitive context when working with crystals
  • Introduction to looking at crystals geologically
  • A way to organize your own proven knowledge of your crystal's energy
  • Page files to print as many as you want or need (so you can continue to grow your journal!)
  • The ability to organize your journal in the way that makes the most sense to you
  • An instructional video with examples
  • A visualization meditation that will take you inside your crystal!

This journal is your chance to experience and document your personal experience and

learnings with different crystals. I created this journal out of a desire to

really delve into my own intuition when it comes to crystals. There are

seemingly infinite print and online resources for all things crystals, and

many of them are fantastic, but the information can sometimes seem

overwhelming, and we are left wondering at times where all this

information comes from? The reality is that the information you find is a

mixture of science and experience, so why not utilize your own

experience to create a complete and well-rounded resource for working

with crystals.

You are your own unique individual with your own vibrations, life

experiences, and reactions to other vibrations. Utilize this journal to

work through how you can best utilize your crystals. You may find that

you react in the same way as others, and that's fine! But you may also

find that in some instances you react differently and that's important

information to know. It's also important to have felt and understand why

a crystal is recommended for an issue, so that you can further decide if it

will work for you.

You may even find out that different individual pieces of a particular

crystal (mineral, etc) affect you differently. That is totally normal, and

not something you would learn about yourself and your crystals if you

just went along with "the book."

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